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Ryder Ross
Ryder Ross
Web Developer, Ross Web Consulting

Are you stuck in the “messy middle” of freelancing? You’re not alone.​

There are tons of online resources that teach folks how to start a freelancing or consulting practice. This is not one of them.

We’re focused on helping the people who have already made a serious commitment to earn an income by serving clients and operating under their own banner.

When you break it down into its components, getting started as a freelancer really isn’t that complicated:

  • Learn a valuable skill that people are willing to pay for
  • Find people who have the need and budget to hire you
  • Complete the work that is assigned to you
  • Collect payment for delivering the final product/results
  • Do it all over again until you’re satisfied

It’s one of those things that’s simple, but not easy.

But if you stick with it for a few months, maybe even a year or more, you start to run into the really difficult situations…

  • “Wait. I have to pay taxes? And I have to figure it out on my own?!”
  • “My business is feast or famine. I’m either slammed or twiddling my thumbs.”
  • “I’m making more than I did at my day job, but I’m working crazy hours to do it.”
  • “I hate turning away good clients, but I can’t take on anymore work myself.”
  • “How can I pay myself, invest back into the business, and still save for retirement?”

These are the issues that get less attention, because the answers to these questions are often nuanced. And, if we’re being honest, most of the existing resources just want to target high volume keywords, and these are not high volume search topics.

That’s why publishing blog posts isn’t enough. Launching a podcast isn’t enough. Sending out a weekly newsletter isn’t enough.

What experienced freelancers need is round-the-clock access to other people who “get it.” People who are just a step or two ahead in the process and can say, “I’ve been there. Let me tell you what (not) to do.”

So, that’s exactly what we’re building with Freelance Focus.

We want to be the web’s most valuable resource for experienced freelancers who want to come together to enjoy the training, coaching, and community support that’s needed to take your business from “good enough” to great.

Imagine a world where instead of constantly treading water, running away from deadlines, and putting out fires, you…

  • Have a steady stream of high quality leads coming in from multiple sources
  • Have a team of trustworthy people you can make referrals or subcontract to
  • Earn an income that allows you to live the life you want without burning out
  • Take time off whenever you want, without your business falling apart
  • Stop trading time for money and get paid for your mind, not just your hands
  • Have a plan that allows you to approach your work with clarity and calmness
  • Have a support system to hold you accountable to your goals and aspirations
  • Have a safe space to talk about work (or life) with other people who “get it”

Our only mission is to help at least 1,000 people create thriving, sustainable freelance businesses that allow them to make that list above a reality.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you should keep scrolling…

What Our Members Say About Freelance Focus

Freelance Focus gives me access to an excellent community of highly skilled professionals who know what it takes to run a freelance business. I love being able to share wins, get advice, and make connections with people who are actually doing it, not just speculating from the sidelines.
Samuel Levy
Samuel Levy
Software Architect/Engineer
When you’re freelancing, it’s so easy to feel like you’re stuck on an island. For me, Freelance Focus is a place where we can go to get unstuck on problems, learn from others who are further along in their career, and help people who are just starting out.
Dani Henion
Content Strategist & Copywriter
No one 'gets it' like other freelancers. And when you don’t necessarily have a steady group of folks that you can share your questions, stories, and thoughts with because you’re not part of an employer’s universe, having a vetted, vibrant community of people to tap into is really key for me.
Patrice Embry
Patrice Embry
Digital Project Manager
This community has meant so much to me as a freelancer. It’s more personal than other professional groups I’m part of, and you get immediate responses when you have questions or struggles (whether work-related or personal!) I even unexpectedly ended up in a new full-time job after collaborating with a fellow member of this group. As I continue to freelance on the side, this remains my go-to community.
Kristina Poulter
Kristina Poulter
Content Marketing Leader

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